Saida Lo-Fo-Sang
Real Estate Agent
Meet Saïda Paesch Lo-Fo-Sang, a genuine Aruban with strong roots in our beloved "One Happy Island." Saïda, born and raised in Aruba, maintains a deep connection to this idyllic paradise and actively engages with the local community. She proudly calls Aruba her home and is a dedicated mother to four children - three daughters and one son. Saïda is also happily married, sharing her life's journey with her spouse.

Saïda's professional background is diverse, encompassing roles in the fields of taxation, property tax, banking, and accounting. In addition to her financial pursuits, she owns Coral Pearl Beauty, a respected beauty business catering to both local clients and brides in the Hotel Area.

Her journey into real estate has been a significant chapter in her professional life. Collaborating with a skilled team, Saïda has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous families with buying and selling properties in Aruba. Moreover, she has been instrumental in facilitating property acquisitions for a considerable number of investors.

Her experience spans various aspects of real estate, including new construction sales, commercial and residential land transactions, and real estate investments.

Saïda is unwavering in her commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity and dedication. As a lifelong resident of Aruba, her passion for the island matches her enthusiasm for her role in the real estate industry. If you're ready to begin the journey to find your dream property, feel free to contact Saïda today.

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