Stork Club Aruba


The Right Amount of Everything

HKG Real Estate is thrilled to present an extraordinary venture: The Stork Club Residences & Retail.

This innovative project redefines the synergy between commercial and residential living, establishing an iconic presence in the heart of Aruba along L.G. Smith Boulevard. Embraced by convenience and natural beauty, this cutting-edge development sprawls across a prime 4,862.64 square meters, offering a unique blend of luxury living and urban sophistication.


Harmonizing Luxury Living and Urban Sophistication in Aruba

The Stork Club sets a new standard, seamlessly integrating a bustling commercial space with a residential haven. Its contemporary modular architecture, the elegant use of noble materials, and an artistic “tree column” stand as avant-garde landmarks, creating a dynamic urban experience that harmonizes with the lush surroundings.


Prime Location, Diverse Surroundings

 Your Ideal Urban Oasis in Aruba

The multifaceted complex includes:

* Commercial and Retail Space

* Residential Living

* Social and Recreational Amenities

* Ample Parking Facilities

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of L.G. Smith Boulevard and J.E. Irausquin Boulevard, The Stork Club enjoys proximity to major roundabouts, renowned island beaches, and the vibrant Super Food Plaza. With Eagle Beach to the west and the Bubali Bird Sanctuary to the north, the surroundings offer captivating views and a diverse, thriving atmosphere.


Blending with Nature and Thriving Amidst Urban Excitement

The significance of The Stork Club lies in its environment: a major high-traffic commercial avenue, valuable views of the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, and a significant tourist pedestrian movement. The commercial area, located on the ground floor, emphasizes the corner condition, creating a dynamic plaza that invites pedestrians to explore attractively designed spaces.

Residential Area: A Haven of Elegance and Comfort

The residential area consists of a six-story apartment building and townhouse modules, offering a variety of living spaces from studios to 3-bedroom homes. Each apartment is designed for panoramic views, with exclusive features such as private elevators and spacious terraces. The townhouse module comprises loft-style homes with terraces and balconies, providing a perfect blend of comfort and style.


Social and Recreational Delights

Social areas are situated in a support building on the southern boundary, featuring recreational and children’s areas on its roof. The rooftop design ensures proper separation from public areas and provides exceptional views of the surroundings. The recreational program includes a pool area, jacuzzis, sunbathing areas, and barbecue facilities.


Public-Private Transition with Elegance

To differentiate commercial and residential uses, a central volume or grand lobby serves as the reception and access control for visitors. This structure, located in the middle of the plaza, seamlessly connects the residential area, social spaces, and parking, allowing residents to transition from public to private spaces with elegance and privacy.

More details and floorpans of the different accommodations as well as pricing will follow soon.